About Distributed, Blockchain and Business Solutions

Our company provides software and business solutions. Generally our services can be split into two kinds of services:

IT services

Our most important IT services are:

  • general software development
  • mobile application development
  • specialized software development such as software for the corporate services industry
  • development of systems based upon distributed ledgers including blockchains.
  • design, implementation and maintenance of systems based upon various technologies including linux/unix, docker and kubernetes
  • implementation and maintenance of cloud based solutions, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud
  • implementation and maintenance of VOIP systems

Business services

  • business consulting on doing business in Europe
  • company formations
  • business process outsourcing

We have wide experience being a guide for the following sectors:

  • call centers
  • customer support
  • IT
  • administrative services
  • document processing
  • data management
  • content management


Arjan van Eersel

Arjan van Eersel

Arjan is a founder of our company and has long term experience…