About our company

The story of Distributed, Blockchain and Business Solutions

The history of our company starts more than 20 years back when founder Arjan van Eersel started a small company in the area of system management and programming. Having a company means complying with certain obligations and Arjan decided to learn about accounting and taxation principles. Out of interest in the matter, Arjan decided to do some more specialized learning in the area of international taxation principles and international corporate law.

Soon the company wasn’t only involved in IT services, but as well in the area of advising clients on questions about doing business internationally, also called corporate services. Arjan advised and participated in various international startups and has lived for shorter and longer periods in various countries such as Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine and -for the past 7 years- Bulgaria.

Being active for more than 20 years it’s obvious that our company has a very wide experience with developing software for the corporate services sector and business oriented software in general. As technologies change we’re focused on staying up to date with the latest technologies and to apply these technologies on a business level. Distributed networks, ledgers and blockchains are an example of that. They offer great possibilities to businesses to simplify or improve existing business processes and offer new possibilities and business models which weren’t possible before.