Business solutions

Building software as a business solution

Our philosophy when building business software is that software needs to fit a business’ processes and not the other way around. Therefore we consider it extremely important to take enough of time to study what and how our clients work, as well as involve domain specialists in the process of software development.


Depending on several factors we’ll advice our clients about the right solutions to get the job done.

Implementing existing software solutions

In many cases we can build a system by implementing existing software or frameworks. Often we create some extra modifications or plugins to make the software fit the needs of the business. There are many commercial and open source solutions available that could serve as a strong fundament to the creation of software that fits our clients’ needs.

Tailor made software solutions

There are also cases where the business processes are so specific or complex that adapting existing software would be more difficult and would take more time than writing software from scratch.

As a company we build both closed and open source software as business solutions, which gives us a unique position on the market. Under which conditions software will be build depends on many factors, such as our client’s wishes, the niche and the complexity of the software.


We are an independent software company and are not contractually bound to any specific supplier and we don’t want to be. That way we guarantee to come up with a honest solution that suits the needs of our clients.

More information

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